This hardware was conceived and carried out from 1981 to 1983
by François Duboc as part of his graduation diploma at the Beaux-arts de Rouen.

Each measurement used in human typology finds its correspondence
on the table by a specific measuring instrument.
the table has forty of them which adapts to a precise part of the human  body.
It is about a measurement technique. The complexity of this structure
can appear useless, a caliper "outside" and a measuring apparus would
make it possible to obtain the same results.
The multiplicity of the measuring instruments on the "anthropométre"
with rocker allows you to visualize the theoretical rigour, to outline
the human body structurally, to attenuate the importance of the manipulator
which becomes additional instrument and finally to embody a will of "investment".
Measurements are taked on individual  notebooks which intervenes  the musical language.
The setting of the connection is obtained by calibration of a range of an octave and half
on the normative "fork"(range again) of various measurements.
Once the note is determined, the formal structure of the measured place will define the composition of the musical structure (structure at 4 time).
  Ex: the metric measurement of the mouth will define a C or a D.
  The shape of the lips will define a "round", eighth notes, triplets   etc...
Measurements thus taken and reported, we obtain a partition representative according  to
this system of logic of the formal character of an individual.
The choice of the musical language as means of transcription comes from its mathematical rigour,
of its common vocabulary to anthropometry, 
the opening which it represents on the world of abstract and emotional one
The composition of these two languages makes it possible to reserve the fixed goal and to obtain
the reversal of a system of logic which  with excess becomes ridiculous. 


catalogue.jpg (2528 octets)     Exposition   "LE VIVANT ET L'ARTIFICIEL"  juillet, août  1984  AVIGNON